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Mapas, Procesos y Estadísticas Sociales. Plataforma tecnológica que permite la innovación en procesos sociales sobre cartografía digital
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We are a network conformed by companies, organizations of the civil society for charity and people. We are together to work and to focus our efforts in Latin America social transformation.

Our Mission is to fight the poverty in Latin America using our resources, talents and experiences voluntarily.

Our Vision is to be a dynamic virtual community with real profits based on the Latin America social transformation.

Our values are: Commitment, work, honesty (transparency), and beneficial work.

Our services: We offered to no-profit foundations and organizations registered at Unidos en Red a communicational tool with international range for the trade of its services, through the publication of news and information about social causes and programs, and promoting their events by a “Calendar of events”. At your disposal you will have a social map, in where the facilities of all the registered ONGs are located, as well as of the Directory online of ONGs, which provides information about the services offered by the organizations of each country so as the type of beneficiary.

Additionally we advised to foreign people who wish to help their country of origin, through the option “I want to help my country”, by where just registering they will be able to know about different social development organizations and their labor.


Propose and fortify the interchange between the members of this network, to offer opportunities to fight against the poverty.

Offer a technological tool for the geographic and statistical location to members (businessman, organizations of social development and people) which allow pushing the interaction between socially responsible.

Guide the participation of the enterprises into programs where they ac, giving benefits to those communities.

Present alternatives of voluntary participation to the citizen, where they can help with their talents in the different programs and activities.

Offer options to help to the people who live abroad and they want to help their country, through recommend organizations of social development that operate in that country.

Organize, spread and canalize the information about the needs and activities of the different organizations registered execute in Unidos en Red.

Spread the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Latin America and its better practices.

Promote the development and formulation of the human resources and social like tool to fight unemployment and the poverty.


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