How to Create Personas for Your Digital Communications

About this course

Understand what a persona is, why it's important to see through the lens of your audiences, and how to build useful and actionable personas to build more meaningful messaging and communications.
Duration: 0 hours and 60 minutes
Institution: Techsoup

What whoul you learn

Speaker: Witt Godden

Tapp Network
Witt Godden is the Director of Strategic Marketing at Tapp Network. After his time spent at Apple Inc. as a corporate trainer for the City of Los Angeles, he pursued his career as a Community Manager for the successful startup Exploding Kittens. During his tenure, he helped grow the company from a 5 million dollar domestic brand to a 55 million internationally published brand as the Branding and Marketing Director. In 2019, he decided to return to his passion of working within the nonprofit space, and has been managing the TechSoup and Tapp Network relationship since, helping nonprofits leverage their impact and storytelling to accelerate growth and impact.
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