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We are much more than a foundation… we are a network of companies, personalities, organizations and volunteers committed to the sustainable development of humanity, and with a real purpose: to connect, accelerate and amplify social projects with impact.

Our Programs


We create alliances that promote international cooperation, facilitating synergy among the members of the Network to develop joint projects with a more significant impact.


We disseminate the Network’s initiatives and achievements to the entire world in a timely and effective manner

Social innovation

We make innovative technologies and knowledge available to the network to help boost your initiatives.


Bank of Projects

We facilitate access to financing for sustainable, replicable, innovative, high-impact, and social-reaching projects in Ibero-America. We promote social investment through access to International Cooperation.

The Strategy that transforms realities

We build a network of ALLIANCES with a shared mission and goals where people and the planet are the centers.

We implement INNOVATION in all our processes, bringing it closer to the network and mobilizing INVESTMENT through access to international cooperation

We use COMMUNICATION as a transversal axis to give visibility to the knowledge, experiences and good practices of network members

We measure the EFFICIENCY and EFFECTIVENESS results of our work using the logical framework methodology and designing strategies to impact the greatest number of people with quality in the shortest possible time.

Social campaigns

Alejandro Sanz calls for help for Ukraine

He promised, in a live conversation through IG Live, to double the amount of money raised for Unicef.

#Zerotrafficking by Nzuri Daima

A campaign in support of thousands of girls and young women in Africa

Colombia Gives Back

You get back more than you give

Do you know the solidarity wines of Asindown?

These solidarity wines mean inclusion, equality, opportunities and rights for people with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities.

Much more than a flannel. With your purchase, you are transforming lives

Purchasing with a purpose at Fundación Code Venezuela

Support our Friends of the Soul

Through decent work and friendship we improve the quality of life of the Friends of the Soul and their families

From Zero To Hero

Be the hero who changes the world and transforms realities!

#SomosLola Aid Campaign against Breast Cancer in Venezuela

Your contribution to the #SomosLola campaign is 100% safe and goes directly to projects for the prevention of breast cancer in Venezuela

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Aid For Aids AFA Trunk

It is a self-sustainability project aimed at the Comprehensive Care Program for children and adolescents with HIV in Panama. ¡Donate!

Achieve adequate nutritional recovery for patients at the Hospital Infantil Universitario Niño Jesús, Madrid

La Fuerza del Corazón, a platform for help focused on the well-being of the world. With this project, we will give intensive treatment of eating disorders (TCA) ADANER. ¡Donate!

Creation of a specific hospital Sleep Unit for children with neurological diseases

FINRETT funds research projects for the cure or improvement of Rett syndrome. With this project, we will support children with rare neurological diseases. ¡Donate!

Support 15 women with suspected breast cancer diagnosis every month

SenosAyuda is committed to the early detection of breast cancer. With this project, we will provide monthly support to 15 women with suspected positive diagnosis. ¡Donate!

Help people who are in a situation of special vulnerability in the City of Arequipa, Peru

Cáritas Arequipa promotes and executes sustainable social development projects. With this project, we will be supporting families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. ¡Donate!

Offer opportunities to Venezuelans in the areas of education, employment and entrepreneurship

Code Vzla is a social welfare foundation that supports Venezuelan talent. With this project, we will achieve the improvement and integration of Venezuelans in host countries. ¡Donate!

Provide services in physical health: general medicine, gynecology, nutritional support and pediatrics

Fundación Juanfe eradicates poverty and promotes gender equality. With this project, we will focus on the prevention of xenophobia, discrimination and individual therapy. ¡Donate!

Help overcome the emotional challenges that prevent Venezuelan migrants from being productive

Happy Immigrant turns the immigrant into a positive growth factor. With this project, the immigrant will have an efficient and effective integration to the host country. ¡Donate!

Transform family environments, schools and communities, into virtual spaces

TAAP Foundation uses the arts for the benefit of people's well-being. With this project, we will benefit social organizations and Venezuelan migrants. ¡Donate!

Our Friends and Allies Network

We create and facilitate synergistic, unique and extraordinary alliances between them.

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