Did you know that telling and knowing stories helps you improve your emotional well-being?

Fundación Gratitud he is convinced that art and culture transform communities and generate profound social changes. The closer we live to our artistic and cultural traditions, the better we will develop values ​​such as empathy, inclusion, and forgiveness.

The initiative #HistoriasdeGratitud seeks, within the framework of isolation and its impact on mental health, to create a space in which anyone from anywhere can tell how they experience it and what they appreciate about this moment in video, text, audio, image or comic. Hence the page is born www.historiasdegratitud.com that will remain in time so that, in the future, we can remember what the pandemic and quarantine were for our lives.

The mission is to preserve and share the stories of humanity to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world.

Telling our stories allows us to understand what we have lived and how we face it to give meaning to our lives. Gratitude Stories was born with the purpose that anyone tell their story during the pandemic.

Ingresa a www.historiasdegratitud.com to know and share #HistoriasdeGratitud

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