Together Women Rise

Projects are sought that promote good health, education and economic self-sufficiency in developing countries. The goal is to educate and inspire people to make a difference and fight global poverty through the power of collective giving.

The organization must be recognized in the US with 5.01 (c) 3 or have a fiscal sponsor.

Projects must:
-Support women and girls living in extreme poverty in developing countries.
(defined as living on $ 1.90 a day or less)
-Address one or more of the following problems / needs:
Vocational education and training
Improving the health of women and girls:
Physical Health
Emotional / psychological health
Maternal health
Sexual and reproductive rights
Economic empowerment
Clean water, sanitation and a healthy environment
Increased food security, regenerative agriculture and nutrition
Trafficking in persons: prevention, rescue and reintegration
Leadership training
Promotion of policies that promote gender equality, peace and security

They will be awarded between: $ 35,000 – $ 50,000

For more information, write to us:

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